From the Indian Grassroots

Anita Ahuja climbed the mountain of waste, turned it into a goldmine that provides livelihood to marginalized communities and has a turnover of Rs.1 Crore

Our nation has been struggling with over population, poverty, and waste management issues for a very long time. It is…

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This autodidact father built a ROBOT to help feed his differently-abled daughter

We all go an extra mile for our loved ones and can’t stand to see them in pain or trouble.…

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She quit her corporate job to build mud houses and is now teaching the world her skills by going Back to the Earth with her Geeli Mitti Farms

We all talk about the need for sustainable alternatives in our lives. Our social media feeds are full of hacks…

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Here is how a Kerela-based woman took her organic food business from her house to U.A.E

We all possess immense potential within ourselves and are more than capable of achieving our dreams if we are willing…

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