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This woman from Bihar stood up to the patriarchy, became a successful social entrepreneur, and empowered over 1 Lakh marginalized women

Women have been at the mercy of a patriarchal society since ancient times. Our history is proof of an uneven…

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Sumaira Abdulali: An eco-activist who is now known as the Noise Minister of India

In case you are wondering how much noise is too much noise? Sumaira Abdulali is the one person who can…

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Sumaira Abdulali: An environmental activist who survived two deadly attacks and turned a non-issue like sand mining into a global one

We all know that climate change is real and are aware of our contribution to it. In one way or…

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Man with Goan stories: This self-made, successful entrepreneur, photographer, dancer, and start up owner will prove to you that a jack of all trades can be a master of all

Do you love your job and are passionate about it more than anything else in the world or is it…

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This  Differently abled woman didn’t let polio or paralysis or even a severe heart attack keep her from achieving her dreams and helping many more along the way

Sometimes in life, the unexpected happens and changes us forever. There is so much entirely out of our control and…

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